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Colorado State Patrol releases holiday DUI enforcement data

In a previous post on this blog in December, we noted that law enforcement agencies across the state of Colorado would be increasing their enforcement efforts to crack down on drunk driving. Now that the holidays have come and gone, the Colorado State Police have released their statistics related to the DUI enforcement efforts during the end of 2012 - statistics that may surprise many Denver residents.

The enforcement period that ran from Dec. 28 through Jan. 2 saw no reported fatal DUI crashes, which, as noted in our previous post, is a drastic improvement from last year's holiday season. Still, the authorities managed to hand out over 80 DUI citations over the six day period to drivers suspected of driving under the influence. The report did not indicate what charges those receiving the citations may be facing or how many might be for DWI first offense or DWI second offense.

Certainly, most residents of Colorado will be happy to hear that there were no DUI-related fatal accidents this holiday season. Still, when authorities shine the spotlight on drunk driving - particularly during holidays - there is always the possibility that citations may be written without the appropriate basis, or that other facts exist that might create mitigating circumstances.

DUI charges in Colorado can carry tough consequences. Among other things, drivers may face penalties including a loss of driving privileges, increased insurance rates and even jail time. Because even DUI first offense can have a drastic effect on a person's life, it is vital to present a strong defense to ensure the court has all the facts and respects the rights of those facing charges. While a DUI charge can feel like a cruel gift - especially during the holiday season - legal options may be available to help rectify the situation.

Source: KDVR.com, "Colorado State Patrol: no fatal DUI crashes during New Year's holiday," David Mitchell, Jan. 2, 2013

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